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When it All Began in Dubai

MIDAC was a benchmark initiative in dentistry started by Dr. Ahamed. From the start itself, we – the MIDAC team began to dream of providing highest quality care along with unprecedented hospitality to patients who seek dental care all over the world, and that has been the push for us to start offering world class dentistry, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in Dubai. We have always been committed to deliver the best for our patients – whether it’s a perfect smile or the overall experience of the patient from the reception to treatment rooms and dental chair. A comfortable and healthy treatment is assured here at MIDAC. We are dignified to say that the whole system of the clinic is well coordinated and highly proficient under strict hygienic conditions.

The Team that Makes MIDAC a Heaven

With the ultimate aim of lighting up millions of smiles across Dubai, we have built a work force team here, that consists of the most successful and esteemed dentists, with years of experience in delivering the best for patients – whether it’s reconstructing the patient’s entire mouth, or helping them achieve total oral wellness. Rest assured – visits to MIDAC are experiences you can look forward to – where we maintain the ideology of prevention – not just cure, by helping people understand how simple routine steps, if carried out, can prevent major dental diseases.

Why we are Special

Fear of going to dentist affects over 90% of the patients. We never want this to happen with patients any more. So, we make sure to stay unique in every basis for providing a full range of dental and cosmetic treatments in a relaxed ambience. Our team strives in being principled and focused to help you reach your goals in dental services, whatever they are. Dental treatment for every patient is well planned by the treating dental practitioner, and the doctor in charge who supervises all the works is responsible for a daily clinical audit to ensure the highest levels of quality work and patient satisfaction, because, we believe – you and your smile deserve to be special!